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Go4Goal’s tours offer Clubs, Schools, teams and individuals the chance to experience some of the most fascinating cities in the world.

Trips include masterclasses by expert technicians in Futsal and soccer, fixtures against appropriate level teams, entry into tournaments and tours of the city's football stadiums and landmarks. 

Notable outings include visits to: Camp Nou, St George’s Park, Tivoli Gardens, Brondby Stadium, Wembley Stadium and more.

Our tours also provide a lot of fun and entertainment, access to full board accommodation, gyms and spas, Theme Parks and more.

Read more below on our current destinations:

Futsal Tours

Our aim is to ensure a full Futsal experience. We take players to top Futsal facilities and pair teams with local clubs of a similar ability. 

In Spain our players take Futsal sessions from Santi Gea Rodrigues. Santi is an FC Barcelona Futsal coach with over 20 years experience. He is a regular TV commentator for Spanish Futsal and the sessions are world class.

Danish Futsal training sessions are held by Brondby IF Futsal Head Coach. Brondby are the only Danish Superliga club that has a Futsal department.


Luis Melville is UEFA B Futsal qualified (highest available Futsal qualification in England) and holds our UK Futsal classes for players visiting England on tours. Luis has 14 years experience, including a stint coaching in the FA National Futsal league.

Matches will be arranged between the players on tour and local teams, schools and grassroots clubs. Fixtures all take place at Futsal specific stadiums.

Soccer Tours

Go4Goal’s soccer tours offer masterclasses in both football and smartfootball by experts in Spain, Denmark and the UK.

In Denmark, football players will experience first hand what it feels like to play for the prestigious Brondby IF. Sessions are coached by Brondby’s coaches and both the players and parents will gain a great insight.

During smartfootball, we put the ball and the decision making process at the forefront of our minds. The overall goal is to build intelligence, experience, and the ability to never switch off at any point during the game.

Matches are organised against local clubs and academies, and played at top class facilities. The potential opposition teams are watched via streaming services before the trip. This ensures the correct match ups are made, and that players make the best use of their exclusive training time on the tour.

London, England

The UK tour from Go4Goal provides the opportunity for players to come and experience the home of football.

Smartfootball and Futsal masterclasses are a key part of this tour. The combination of world class facilities and accomplished coaches makes England the number one destination for players from across the world.

The tour is packed with sightseeing opportunities in and around London, most notably an in-depth tour of Wembley Stadium, behind the scenes look at St George’s Park and a Chelsea player experience day.

Players will be staying on the banks of the River Thames just a short train ride away from central London. The hotel provides gym facilities, full board service and a swimming pool.

Combination tours of England and Spain or England and Denmark are also available, extending the experience and broadening the opportunities for players to gain as much as possible in their chosen discipline.

Download the Futsal and Soccer UK Tour PDFs for more information and prices:

England Futsal
England Soccer

Barcelona, Spain

Our Spanish tour takes players to the historical and football orientated city of Barcelona.

At least 2 matches will be scheduled against local teams whilst in Barcelona, opposition varying from school teams, grassroots clubs and La Liga academies.

Soccer games will be played at the world class Futbol Salou Complex, and Futsal will take place at the Futsal specific Pavellos.

Between fixtures, games of beach football and gym sessions, our Spanish tour will stop at the famous soccer stadium Camp Nou, and the popular tourist attraction of Las Ramblas.

Accomodation in Spain is at Hotel Hacienda and Cambrils Park, between them offering full board accommodation, walking distance to the beach, spas, gyms and swimming pools.

Download the Futsal and Soccer Spain Tour PDFs for more information and prices:

Spain Futsal
Spain Soccer

Copenhagen, Denmark

Go4Goal’s Danish tour is to the lively city of Copenhagen, home to the world famous Brondby IF.

Players on this tour will experience first hand what it's like to train and play at Brondby, both Futsal and soccer. This tour will reveal how Brondby has created one of the best matchday experiences in world football.

There will be a minimum of 2 matches arranged for the tour, ranging from Danish league teams, local clubs and Women’s Elitedisionen teams for opposition.

Aside from training, a highlight of the Danish tour is a trip to Tivoli Amusement Park and Pleasure Gardens. Boasting 25 rides, 30 eateries and live entertainment, Tivoli is the second oldest amusement park in the world.

The accommodation on this trip is conveniently close to Copenhagen and offers the players full board service, a swimming pool and a games room.

Download the Futsal and Soccer Denmark Tour PDFs for more information and prices:

Denmark Futsal
Denmark Soccer

European Soccer Experience

Go4Goal’s European Soccer Experience is the perfect Tour for those travelling from far and want to get as much out of their tour as possible.

Combining any 2 from our available destinations players on this tour will experience 2 of our fascinating cities on offer. 

This Tour is based on 10 days and 9 nights.

There will be a minimum of 3 matches arranged for the tour, masterclasses and Cultural visits in both destinations.

Connecting flights between the two cities is included in this package so once you have arrived in your first destination it is over to Go4Goal to provide you with your experience from there.

Download the European Soccer Experience Tour PDFs for more information and prices:

England & Denmark
England & Spain

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