Goalkeeping Academy


Having studied the Smartfootball methodology and to see what a positive impact it has had to our coaching style we decided to launch our Smartfootball Goalkeeping academy.

The syllabus is designed by our goalkeeping coaches with over 30 years of experience of playing and coaching combined at all levels, from the pro game down to the start of a player’s journey at grassroots.


The syllabus is broken down into sub-categories; Basic diving and handling techniques, angles, shot stopping, aerial judgement, agility and speed (both hands and feet) and distribution (both hands and feet).

Sessions are broken into 2 sub categories (Pre-Academy and Academy) based on age and streamed by ability and playing experience to get the most out of the session for the individual.


Our Goalkeeping smartfootball academy is led by experienced goalkeeping coaches who are also qualified smartfootball technicians.

Sessions run at leatherhead youth football club

(monday evenings 5.30-7.00)

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